аптека улица фонарь
- If you want to talk to your kids about sex, I'm not going to stop you, but what I do or do not tell my kid(s) about it and when is not up to you. I do not think you should be telling children about sex without their parents' permission.
- Should I ask your permission before telling your child about heliocentrism in case you raised them in a geocentric household?

- Are you willing to teach sexual education to, for example, a four year old boy? He might try to have sex with a girl his age, purely out of curiosity.
- If we leave them with legos, could they choke on them? If we leave them around silverware, might they stab each other? If we leave them around fists, could they punch each other?!
- Yes, there are many risks, but why add to them?
- So should we just lie and tell them that legos are dirty and bad and that touching silverware causes them to go blind?

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